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Release Date2019-03-15

SmartLuco Android
SmartLuco iOS

New Features

  1. Support luminance sensor zero level transition (also known as daylight harvesting dim-to-off)
  2. Allow dimming curve type selection in the configurations


  1. Output Type and PWM Frequency configurations are now part of "Light Configuration" (previously part of "Base Configuration")
  2. Query device information when 'Information' menu item is selected from the device list (instead of displaying cached information in the database)


  1. Cache type-dependent firmware version query results for faster querying

User Notice

  1. Device firmware must be upgraded to the version V1.G in order to be compatible with the Mobile App version 1.2.0.
  2. It is necessary to manually refresh device information if the device was upgraded from a beta release (i.e. V1.F or lower).
    1. Devices that require manual refreshing will be shown under '0x1003' group in the device list.
    2. Go to Manage-Devices menu and tap on the device you would like to refresh. After that, from the pop-up menu, select 'Information' to refresh.